Camping Sint Maartenszee
Campsite Callantsoog

Campsite at Callantsoog

  • Spacious camping spots
  • Private sanitary facilities optional
  • At six kilometers from Callantsoog

Enjoying a natural stay at the campsite near Callantsoog

Spending a holiday close to sea: now that's holiday bliss! A beautiful place to spend your holiday at the coast is in Callantsoog! Callantsoog is a beautiful seaside town in the head of North Holland, of which many people say it has the most beautiful sandy beach in The Netherlands. You will find a long, wide, clean and safe beach there. This makes it a very popular coastal town. Would you like to spend your holiday in Callantsoog, but enjoy peace as well? In that case, stay at Campsite Sint Maartenszee, a wonderful campsite in a natural area at a distance of 6 kilometers from Callantsoog. 

Camping in the Dunes

Campsite Sint Maartenszee is situated in an ocean of peace. Thanks to the impressive dune landscape, you will esxperience the ultimate holiday sensation right away. You have various types of camping pitches to choose from: tent pitches, camper pitches, basic pitches and comfort pitches. The pleasant tent pitches have an electricity connection and you will not be bothered by caravans and campers around you here. Our great camper pitches have an electricity connection and are situated close to the facilities at the campsite. The basic pitches measure 80 m² and are suitable for tents, popup campers and caravans. Our comfort pitches are equipped with an electricity connection = and water tap and drainage and vary between 80 m² and 150 m². During your camping holiday, you can use our luxurious, heated sanitary buildings with toilets, showers, sinks and children's sanitary facilities. When will you come camping at our campsite?

Would you prefer a little more luxury and comfort? In that case, stay at our accommodations. We offer a wide range of chalets, bungalows, hiker's cabins and lodges! 

  • Tent, camper, basic and comfort pitches
  • Luxury sanitary facilities always nearby
  • Private sanitary facilities also possible
  • Pet-friendly camping pitches
  • Chalets, bungalows, lodges, and hikers' cabins
  • Suitable for a maximum of eight persons
  • Luxurious, stylish, cozy, or back to basic
  • Dogs allowed at some accommodations

Plenty to do during your holiday

During your holiday, it's great that there are fun activities to enjoy. In the area around our campsite, you can go for beautiful walking and cycling trips through the dunes or along the beach. We also recommend visiting Flowering Zijpe, where you will find the most colorful flower fields in The Netherlands. For a day out with the children, visit Land of Fluwel, Amusement Park De Goudvis or Estate Hoenderdaell. The great thing about Campsite Sint Maartenszee is that there is a lot to do not only in the surrounding area, but there is plenty of entertainment at the campsite as well. For instance, there are challenging playgrounds with an air trampoline, monkey bars, slides, table tennis tables and a panna cage. It is also possible to play dune golf or rent a bicycle or children's cart. For lunch or dinner, you are welcome at our tasty catering facility: Restaurant De Duinerij. 

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What guests asked us 🤔

✦ Which campsite is situated close to Callantsoog?

Campsite Sint Maartenszee! The campsite is situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from Callantsoog. You will reach it within 8 minutes by car. But you can also turn it into a beautiful walk on the beach, of course. This will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Cycling is possible as well. You will reach Callantsoog within 20 minutes. What do you prefer?

✦Can I also stay at an accommodation at Campsite Sint Maartenszee?

Certainly! In addition to camping, you can also spend the night at a beautiful accommodation. You can stay at a dune lodge, wood lodge, hiker's cabin, duo lodge, villa or bird's nest. The holiday homes are suitable for up to eight persons. Ideal for a holiday with your family! Pets are allowed at some of the homes.