Camping Sint Maartenszee
Vacation home Callantsoog

Vacation home Callantsoog

  • Eight minutes by car from Callantsoog
  • Dogs are welcome
  • 15 minutes on foot from the beach

Rent vacation home by the water near Callantsoog

Would you like to go on a vacation near the beach? Camping Sint Maartenszee is the right place to go! Camping Sint Maartenszee is a 15-minute walk from the beach and near Callantsoog, a beautiful seaside town known for the most beautiful and wide beaches. After an 8-minute drive you'll already be in the seaside town and will be able to catch some fresh air on the beach and have a drink at one of the beach pavillions. After your day trip you can fully unwind in one of our bungalows, villas, or lodges.

Explore the range of vacation homes near Callantsoog

At Camping Sint Maartenszee we have a wide range of choices, you can camp in your own caravan or rent one of the accommodations. You can stay in one of the lodge types that host up to 4 persons. Would you like your stay to be a bit more luxurious? Pick a spacious beach bungalow for 6 persons, or a forest villa which even hosts 8. But camping is also a good option for your vacation near Callantsoog! The camping spots at Camping Sint Maartenszee are spacious and great for a nice vacation. Dogs are also welcome when you camp, and you can also bring them to the beach!

Even more things to do in the area

Camping Sint Maartenszee is an 8-minute drive from Callantsoog, but there is even more to experience in the area during your vacation. The area, with lots of water around, is perfect for a great hike or cycling tour through the dunes to the beach. The Zwanenwater is highly recommended, with its large lakes, dunes, swamps, and flowery meadows. There is also enough to do for children during their vacation near Callantsoog. The Zuiderzeemuseum is nearby, they can have a great time in theme park de Goudvis, or admire the beautiful butterflies in Vlinderado. All in all, you won't be bored for a second at Camping Sint Maartenszee!

Things to do in the area⤵

  • Hiking or cycling
  • Explore the Zwanenwater
  • South Sea Museum
  • De Goudvis amusement park
  • Vlinderado
  • Flowering Zijpe

Things people asked us⤵

🏖 What can I do in Callantsoog?

Callantsoog is an 8-minute drive from Camping Sint Maartenszee and is known as a major spa and seaside town in the Netherlands. The beaches are beautiful and the beach pavillions are great for a nice bite and drink. The perfect option for a day trip with the entire family!

🏠 What is the range of accommodations at Camping Sint Maartenszee?

There is a wide range of accommodations at Camping Sint Maartenszee. You can stay in one of the simple and furnished lodges, these host up to 4 persons, and still give you a bit of the camping feeling. For a more luxurious vacation you can stay in a spacious and luxurious beach bungalow or forest villa.