Camping Sint Maartenszee


  • Vast flower bulb fields
  • Surrounded by the dunes of North Holland
  • At 15 minutes on foot from the beach

Discover the surroundings of Sint Maartenszee

Camping Sint Maartenszee is located in the middle of the dunes in North Holland and has beautiful surroundings. For the nature lovers among us it is the perfect vacation destination with many facilities in the area.

Check out the things you can do in the area⤵


You can walk amazing hiking routes in the surrounding area of Campsite Sint Maartenszee. Go for a wonderful nature walk through the dunes or explore the beach.


The surrounding area of Campsite Sint Maartenszee is perfect for a wonderful cycling trip through the amazing dune landscape to the long beach!

Trips with children

Are you taking your (grand)children on vacation at Camping Sint Maartenszee? Then there is also plenty to do! These are the best trips in the area!

Flowering Zijpe

In the head of North Holland, you will find the most colorful flower fields of all The Netherlands! Enjoy the color spectacle and flowery fields up close!