Camping Sint Maartenszee
Campsite Groet

Campsite Groet

  • At just a 15-minute walk from the beach
  • At 10 kilometers from Groet
  • Valhalla for cyclists and hikers

Campsite near Groet near the beach

Only 10 kilometers away from the quaint town of Groet, a great vacation destination on the North Holland coast, you'll find Camping Sint Maartenszee. At our cozy campsite you can have a nice camping stay on spacious camping spots at only a 15-minute walk from the beach and the sea. Besides camping, you can also choose to stay in one of our accommodations. Our campsite near Groet is a paradise for cycling and hiking lovers. Through the many-faceted dune landscape you'll soon find yourself in the cozy town center of Groet. This small town has many monumental buildings and the famous white church is also worth a look. You can enjoy serenity here, especially when compared to 'big brother' Schoorl. So when will you come camping near Groet at our cozy campsite?

Enjoy a vacation in the area around Groet

On the edge of the dune area you'll find our cozy campsite near Groet. Do you truly love camping? You can choose between a variety of camping spots at our park. Will you choose 6 or 10 ampere power, a private or shared water and drain connection, and do you want the spot to be suitable for camper vans or not? Do you wish to experience the camping feeling, but with slightly more comfort and luxury? Rent a vacation home near Groet at Camping Sint Maartenszee! How about a cool wood lodge, cozy duo lodge, or the luxurious bird's nest? You can rent an accommodation for 2 up to 8 persons with us. There is something for everyone at our campsite near Groet in North Holland!

An impression of renting a home or camping near Groet 📸

Our tips in and around Groet

Even though Groet is a quiet, quaint town in North Holland, that does not mean there is nothing to do here! We share some of our favorite must do's with you, so you can look forward to a carefree vacation near Groet!

    Bicycling and hiking

    The dune landscape surrounding Groet and Sint Maartenszee is breathtaking. Groet borders the Schoorlse Duinen and The Netherlands' highest dunes can be found in this area. There are numerous bicycling and hiking routes in the various dune areas surrounding our campsite near Groet

    The white church and monuments

    In Groet, you will find the white church from the 18th century next to various other monuments such as the Town Hall from the 17th century. For this reason, we can say you are surrounded by history in the village center. The church offers a unique viewpoint over the dunes, dike, polder and sea, making it worth a visit!

    The beach

    One of the biggest highlights is, of course, the beach! From your camping pitch or holiday home near Groet, it is only a 15-minute walk to the beach of Sint Maartenszee. Enjoy the sun, get a breath of fresh air or go for a walk with the dog!

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Frequently asked questions by our guests

Where can I go on a vacation near Groet at a campsite by the beach?

Camping Sint Maartenszee, at 10 kilometers from Groet, is the right place to go! Our campsite is only a 15-minute walk from the beach! Whether you choose to rent a vacation home near Groet or prefer a camping spot: we guarantee a beach vacation!

At which campsite near Groet can I book a last-minute vacation?

At Camping Sint Maartenszee! At only 10 kilometers from Groet you can already experience a great last-minute vacation by the North Holland coast. You can easily visit the quaint town of Groet, but you can also go on lovely cycling and hiking tours in the area.